Frequently Asked Questions

A licensed journeyman has completed the Carpentry Apprenticeship Program, which includes both in-school theory as well as a minimum of 4000 hours of practical, on-the-job training with a previously licensed journeyman. The carpenter has had to pass a national standardized exam to be certified as a licensed journeyman which ensures that a certain level of knowledge and skill has been attained.

Jason has 16 years of full time residential construction experience.

We specialize in all aspects of interior finish carpentry including custom cabinetry, furniture, as well as finished stairs and railings. It is our attention to details that shines through in the quality of work. We also perform all aspects of residential carpentry work from foundations through to final finishing.

Each project has its own unique circumstances so pricing formulas are generally avoided. We base all of our pricing on the time and materials required to complete the project in order to reflect the true value of the work. We will price projects in one of two ways:

  1. Fixed Price Quote
    This is a firm contract price that can be relied upon to clearly define the construction requirements and the cost to complete them. The only time there will be a change from the original price quote is if there has been a change made in the work as requested by you. Any additions or deletions to the original work will change the price and this will be defined in a documented 'change order' where we both agree to the changes and cost associated with the changes
  2. Time and Materials
    We will also work on a time and materials basis. With this agreement all material and labour provided will be invoiced to the customer accordingly. There is no set price but an estimated cost range can be provided to help establish the approximate value of the work to be done.

It is the choice of the customer as to which method they would like to arrange payment for the work to be completed.

All custom cabinetry and furniture is designed and crafted by Jason. Our on-site crew is always led by Jason and two helpers. The decision to operate with a small crew is a deliberate one, designed to maintain a highly efficient and orderly job site. Top quality results can be consistently obtained by operating in this manner. In our experience, complete homes and cottages can be built to high standards in a reasonable time frame with only three people working together. For the few occasions that extra man power is required we bring in temporary help.

We have a good working relationship with certified tradesmen to perform plumbing, HVAC and electrical work as required.

We have references available and they will be provided upon request.

You may need a building permit depending on where you live and also the proposed work. If permits are required they will be obtained before work begins. We do not create drawings that may be required for a building permit as regulations require the project designer to be qualified and registered.