"Jason completed a major winter renovation on our cottage 3 years ago. Based on past experiences with contractors, we were initially somewhat concerned with fact that we would not be onsite on a regular basis to see what progress was being made. Jason soon alleviated any concerns that we may have had. He provided us with a firm price on the renovation at the outset. He was in constant email contact with us. He answered all our questions by the next day . If he didn't know the answer, he would research it and get back to us within a couple of days. He was a hard worker and did not cut corners. It was very important to him that the job was done properly. The finishing woodwork inside the cottage is exceptional. For him, details make the difference in a job and we certainly can attest to that fact that Jason was a man of details who made sure everything was just perfect. Jason put us 100% at ease very quickly.

"We would highly recommend Jason for any job, big or small. He is a skilled craftsman. He is very easy to get along with. Most importantly he will always keep you in the loop and answer all your questions."Ed Kosowski & Gisele Morier

"From the planning stages right up to post construction Jason was a pleasure to work with and a true professional...our build could not have gone any better".John & Dawn Heatherington

"It was a stroke of luck that Jason Kehl was available when we needed him for our cottage project. From our experience over the years with renovations and new builds of both our cottage and homes we can say that none have surpassed his combination of skill, workmanship and the ease of working together.

"Jason interpreted the vision of the designers and fashioned it into reality. He was able to see the big picture and the details. His ideas were creative yet practical. He was cautious when costing out alternatives for our consideration. His involvement decreased our stress as we were fully trusting of his expertise within the scope of our project.

"Integrity and honesty are two qualities that we found in Jason. He takes pride in his work and that is what you want in the person charged with the responsibility of actualizing your dreams... he does not skip corners just to get something done- he wants it done right.

"Building projects require a significant amount of collaboration between the various trades and the homeowners. Jason works well in this team approach. He is respectful of the other trades who are involved in the project and they were able to express the same attitude toward him with a high regard for his work. Jason was patient with us as he explained what we did not readily understand of the complexities of carpentry in order to make educated decisions. We never felt intimidated nor unable to ask questions for clarification.

"Jason's communication style is one of his admirable personal attributes. We appreciated frequent and timely updates and quick responses to our contacts. Part of the journey is to see the project as it progresses and Jason sent photos when we were not able to be on site.

"We certainly look forward to years of pleasure in what Jason has accomplished with our property. This letter of recommendation is our thanks, but we suspect his work speaks for itself. We are open to showing prospective clients what Jason has done for us."Reva & Allan Micflikier

"We met Jason Kehl when he was building our friend’s house on Black Sturgeon Lake. We had had property there for several years and had finally decided to build. We had the opportunity to observe the progress of their build over the winter, and to listen to our friends’ experience working with Jason and his crew.

"We were obviously impressed and confident enough to request a building quote from Jason for our own build to start that fall. What attracted us to J. Kehl Carpentry Ltd. first was that he would provide a building quote, which is rare in the area, and that the quote was within reasonable expectations. We liked that he and his crew were on site all day everyday, on one project exclusively. The demeanor and attitude of the whole crew is aimed to please the customer and provide perfection. We are the type of customers that like to be in on the site regularly and to be involved in decisions. This provided us with ample opportunity to interact with Jason, his crew as well as the sub-trades. They have all, without exception, been a pleasure to work with.

"Jason has excellent communication skills and habits. He was always available for consultation, and he kept us informed of issues arising on the site. The building itself is almost complete with a final date of August 5 this year. The workmanship is superior and the house is becoming everything we had dreamed of." — Richard & Susan Cone

"We have had the pleasure of working with J. Kehl Carpentry for many years. His work has included all of the finishing indoor carpentry for our home in Kenora, an open boat port, a gazebo, and an outdoor kitchen including cabinetry, deck, pergola roof, and a masonry fireplace/pizza oven. All of the aforementioned was done on time and within agreed upon budgets. Additionally, Jason became an advisor for us when we were in dispute with a window manufacturer. He provided us with much needed advice as to our potential plans.  What is so refreshing in working with Jason is his willingness to research proper techniques of construction when asked. Examples are…bending wood for arches, an open staircase, and proper framing needed for a pizza oven. He brings a level of enthusiasm for his work that hasn’t waned over the years we have worked with him. We would highly recommend J.Kehl Carpentry for any project requiring detail."Syd & Leona Enns